Owner Jerry Jones took a break from the Cowboys draft room Thursday morning to attend the dedication of the Bush Library. A cynical fan base will ask why he had to return. A team with numerous needs decided to drop from the middle of the first round to the back end and pick up an additional third round pick in the process. The Cowboys then used the No. 31 pick to select Wisconsin center Travis Frederick. Surprised? You’re not alone. Frederick himself said he didn’t expect to be taken until the second round. He was projected to go in the second or third round. “There is a lot to like about him,” coach Jason Garrett said. “He’s just a good, smart football player. “He was the highest-rated player on our board when it was time to pick.” The Cowboys didn’t simply move back a few spots in the first round of the draft. They nearly dropped out of the round entirely. Jones agreed to give up the No. 18 pick in a trade with San Francisco to plummet to the 31st pick. The Cowboys got a third round pick (No. 74) from the 49ers in return. Now, let’s put that in perspective. Three years ago, Jones gave up a third-round pick to move up three spots in the first round to select receiver Dez Bryant at No. 24. This was the 60th draft day trade made by Jones since he purchased the team, and perhaps one of the more controversial. The owner said the team had only 19 players on its board with a first-round grade and the room was unanimous about wanting to move back. “This was a draft where those moving back weren’t getting near what they should have,” said vice president Stephen Jones, who stressed the Cowboys weren’t alone in wanting the 49ers first round pick. “It’s a real debate about what is more valuable, one player or two players. What you have to come to grips with is the guy you pick at No. 31 and the one you get at No. 74 a better deal than what we would have picked at No 18?”