New layers have been added to the 2022 NFL season's "Will they or won't they?" saga between three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons said at his media availability Wednesday (via The Athletic) that Beckham told him he could be ready to play in five weeks, a timeline that would put him on track to play on Super Wild Card Weekend, the first round of the NFL playoffs. 

On Tuesday, a report from the Dallas Morning News indicated the 30-year-old wideout coming off his second ACL injury won't be ready to play before the playoffs begin.  ESPN also reported Dallas has concerns Beckham wouldn't be ready to play until "mid-January", which equates to the Cowboys making a run to the NFC Championship Game, something they haven't done since the 1995 season. Additionally, the second part of ESPN's report notes that there's  a "possibility" that signing him now wouldn't help the team until next season in 2023.

However, CBS Sports NFL Insider Josina Anderson reported Beckham Jr. was still visiting with the Cowboys and feels like he is "able to contribute to the playoffs this season" after joining a team and getting familiar with their playbook and his new teammates. What Parsons said Wednesday aligns with Anderson's Tuesday report that the 30-year-old could help out with a team's playoff run. 

Team owner and general manager Jerry Jones said "we're going to keep that at bay" when asked if Beckham Jr. is ready to play during his radio appearance on 105.3 FM The Fan in Dallas. At the moment, Jones declined to name a timeline on when a decision could be made to sign the high-profile pass-catcher.

"By no means are we at a position to say, 'close', or where we are," Jones said on Tuesday. "We're just discussing the many options that are there." 

As of Tuesday morning, it appeared as though Beckham Jr. had yet to go through a full workout with the team, since Jones addressed the level of comfort he would have in signing the player who tore his ACL in last season's Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams.

"Well, I'm not confident at all," Jones said when talking about signing Beckham Jr. without working him out. "That's the issue. We all realize the issue of health... We've got a good bead on that."