Jason Garrett won’t change the script. The closest the Dallas Cowboys' coach came to switching things up was giving his players Tuesday off as well as Christmas on Monday. Because of a funky schedule, with games on either coast in back-to-back weeks, he thought it was best to give them an extra day off after the debilitating loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Would he have had the same plan had the Cowboys entered Week 17 with a chance to make the playoffs with a win against the Philadelphia Eagles? “I don’t know,” Garrett said. “Very well could have been.” The Cowboys don’t have a chance to make the playoffs with a win this Sunday. The loss to the Seahawks eliminated that possibility after a season that has resembled many of the past with Garrett. From 2011-13, the Cowboys finished 8-8, losing de facto NFC East championship games in Week 17. With a loss Sunday, only Jeff Fisher will have more .500 records than Garrett. Fisher had five in 20 full seasons as the coach of the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans and St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams. Don Shula had four on his way to becoming the NFL coach with the most all-time wins. Why did the Cowboys find themselves in this position after finishing an NFC-best 13-3 last year with a roster apparently on the rise?