Barring an unforeseen change of heart, prepare yourself for another year of The Clap. Dallas Cowboys coaches firmly believe head coach Jason Garrett, he of the renowned ability to hypnotically clap his hands in the face of wind, rain, cold and humiliating defeat, will return in 2018. But next year will be his final warning. There are, however, expected to be major staff changes, starting with offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. Receiver Dez Bryant calling out the offensive scheme for his lack of production this season is quite amusing, but when you don’t run Zeke Elliott from the 2-yard line, twice, all sorts of stupid are in play - and valid. When Black Monday comes on New Year’s Day, and other jobs around the NFL are available, expect some swapping of lower rung position coaches at The Star. Our favorite ginger coach is thought to be safe. The Cowboys can blame Roger Goodell for his over-reach on punishing Zeke, but they have no one to blame but themselves for missing the playoffs. This was the single most disappointing season for the Cowboys since 2008.