The Dallas Cowboys have definitely missed Ezekiel Elliott, or at the very least have suffered this season because of Elliott's absence and/or the back and forth of his legal situation. Rod Smith and Alfred Morris have done a very nice job filling in; the Cowboys would love to get Zeke back. Eventually they will, with Elliott's suspension ending after Week 15's Sunday night game against the Raiders. They hope that Elliott's return against the Seahawks in Week 16 will spur the team towards a playoff berth. Elliott apparently believes he's going to come out guns blazing for the Cowboys and has made a wager with Eric Dickerson on his performance. Some TMZ guy with a camera caught up to Dickerson in what appears to be an L.A. parking garage and asked him about Elliott (for whatever reason). Dickerson said he "just saw" Elliott and that he and the Cowboys running back have a bet on whether or not Zeke will run for 200 yards in Week 16. "Man Zeke's good. I just saw Zeke. I just saw him today. He's very good. He's working out," Dickerson said. "I'm glad to see he's kind of disappeared for a while. He'll be ready. Me and him have a personal bet." Since his suspension, Elliott has reportedly been out of the country training and just sort of getting away from the zoo that was his legal situation for the first several months of the season.