After an off-season full of uncertainty surrounding the Cowboys’ play caller, Jason Garrett finally acknowledged earlier this month that he’d be passing the duties on the Bill Callahan next season. The move will ostensibly free Garrett up to focus more on the team as a whole while also giving Callahan a chance to bring a slightly new look to the offense. But for as much as has been made about the move, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant says he can hardly tell a difference after the switch. “To be honest, it doesn’t feel any different,” Bryant told during Brandon Carr’s charity softball game this weekend. “It still feels like the same Coach Garrett’s system, and I think that’s really what it is because I’m running the same exact plays and everybody else is, too. I think the only thing that’s changed is the intensity level he’s been bringing every day in practice.” Maybe the new intensity is rubbing off on Bryant, but the receiver has been drawing rave reviews for his performances during the Cowboys’ off-season workouts after coming off a blistering second half of the 2012 season. So what (or who) does Bryant credit for his sudden surge? Cowboys cornerbacks Mo Claiborne and Brandon Carr, who Bryant battles every day on the practice field.