Time might soon be up for Taco Charlton. This offseason has been one wherein the former first-round pick isn't naive regarding his status with the Dallas Cowboys. Charlton battled both injury and attitude issues in 2018 that cost him games, the latter leading to him being a healthy scratch once he returned from the former. He'd again see the field before the season concluded, but the message had been sent by the Cowboys that they weren't going to coddle him -- regardless of what round he was selected in 2017. 

The Cowboys doubled down on that message by trading for All-Pro defensive end Robert Quinn and then selecting Joe Jackson in the 2019 NFL Draft. 

There are now rumblings the Cowboys could be open to trading Charlton in the near future, according to sources with knowledge of the situation, and his latest cryptic message doesn't exactly dispel the rumor.

When it comes to discussing what's expected of Charlton in 2019, the Cowboys have been far from coy. Only days after this year's draft, team executive and scouting guru Will McClay made it clear Charlton better figure it out, or else.