Before it's all said and done, the Dallas Cowboys will have seen more change in 2018 than the cushions of your grandmother's couch. From the coaching staff shuffle down to the roster itself, prepare to see a maelstrom of newness this coming season. While the team works to decide if they're willing to stop stalling the progress of defensive back Byron Jones by moving him to cornerback full-time, they're now also considering a shift for linebacker Jaylon Smith. After his miraculous recovery from a devastating injury that shredded ligaments and severely damaged the primary nerve in his knee, Smith was able to make his NFL debut in 2017. It was a mixed bag of flashes and missteps, which is much more accountable to the fact he was a redshirt rookie who hadn't played a snap of football in nearly 18 months. Now heading into his first full offseason with no injury or rehab concerns whatsoever, the MIKE (middle LB) is excited to get going for his encore performance, but it could be at the SAM (strong side LB) position instead -- according to head coach Jason Garrett, who spoke on the matter from the 2018 NFL Combine in Indianapolis, IN.