The harshest criticism Dallas Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne receives likely comes from himself. Throughout his rookie season, the former sixth overall draft pick rarely sounded pleased with his performance after games. On Tuesday, he gave his rookie year a C-minus grade. Claiborne started 15 games in 2012, missing one because of a concussion. He intercepted one pass, deflected eight more, returned a fumble for a touchdown and totaled 55 tackles. But the LSU product says expect bigger things from him in Year Two. "I expect a great big jump for myself," Claiborne said. "I expect to go out and play way different than what I did last year." His path to playing different has included cutting out fast food and late night eating while increasing his time lifting weights. Claiborne said he has even converted a room in his home to a weight room. The results have been noticeably bigger arms and four additional pounds of muscle. And while bulking up was something the Cowboys wanted him to do to be better prepared for Monte Kiffin's Tampa-Two scheme, Claiborne says they didn't need to say a word.