The evolution of Carey Price, in the eyes of Michael Cammalleri, can be traced to a not-so-subtle change in philosophy.A cowboy is going to stick out in downtown Montreal. Any cowboy. And if he happens to hold down the job as a goaltender for the beloved Canadiens - a lofty position once occupied by the likes of Jacques Plante, Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy - well, then every eye is trained on the outsider in the jeans, button-up shirt and boots. Gone are the days of Price contorting in every direction to blend into the masses. The whole Gumby act just doesn't work. "Seriously, it's part of his success this year, believe it or not," Cammalleri says. "He, at first, was trying to fit in here as far as what he would wear clothing-wise. "And this year, he kind of said, 'Screw it. I am who I am.' " Price is, at base, a rodeo man. Garth Brooks and George Strait dominate the playlist on his iPod. He drives a truck. "He wears his cowboy boots to the game," Cammalleri says. "He wears suits, but the kind of suit you would wear to a rodeo. Because he IS going to the rodeo. Our game. "He's been himself here, and he's been fantastic." So fantastic, in fact, that Price - a man who lost his starting job last season - earned an invitation to the National Hockey League all-star game.