There are several ways Kings coach Keith Smart could appeal to his team to maintain its defensive focus tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers. One way might be to appeal to the players' pride. Be in the right spots or you might end up like Brandon Knight, Kendrick Perkins and Timofey Mozgov – on the wrong end of another Clippers highlight. "They've got to be there (tonight)," Smart said. "If not, there will be posters." Those poster plays could come at any time with All-Star guard Chris Paul directing the offense and two supreme finishers at power forward and center. "We tried to simulate some of the things that Blake Griffin will do and DeAndre Jordan," Smart said. "But we couldn't simulate those things because they're a little bit higher." The leaping ability of Griffin and Jordan means they could be set up for a lob dunk from unexpected spots on the floor if Kings defenders relax. "Here's a team with two guys that have a huge catch window where the ball can be thrown, and they also pass to each other," Smart said. The Griffin-Jordan combo figures to put more stress on the Kings' defense, which has struggled most of the season. In Sunday's 113-102 loss to the Lakers, Smart said the Kings gave up 52 points on 42 pick-and-roll plays, largely because of problems with weak-side defense. Paul and his bigs have the ability to exploit those mistakes, so communicating and keeping contact with Griffin and Jordan are priorities.