Add cousin Yuri to the list of Alex Rodriguez’s many problems. Yuri Sucart, who the Yankees superstar and injured third baseman said provided him with performance-enhancing drugs and even injected him, is planning a lawsuit against Rodriguez based on libel, defamation of character, fraud and dues owed, The reported. The website reported Rodriguez turned down a proposed settlement by Sucart and the case is headed for trial. According to the report, Sucart is seeking $5 million in damages. After Rodriguez cited Sucart in his steroids use, the Yankees banned Sucart from the team’s flights, buses and facilities. Rodriguez gave Sucart a replica of his 2009 World Championship ring as a present, which Sucart turned around and sold to a South Florida collector. Rodriguez and Sucart have recently surfaced in a MLB and DEA investigation into whether the two obtained steroids from Anthony Bosch’s anti-aging clinic in Coral Gables, Fla. Rodriguez has denied his involvement.