In recent weeks Redskins owner Dan Snyder has seemed to warm up to the idea of changing the Redskins name. So the report that a wealthy neighbor of his applied for a patent to lock down the name Washington Bravehearts is more than a little spicy. According to TMZ Aris Mardirossian "a wealthy patent investor" who lives "a few doors down" from Dan Snyder registered the name "WASHINGTON BRAVEHEARTS" on Oct. 17. has also learend Mardirossian registered the domain on October 18. The patent license per TMZ is for "entertainment in the nature of football games." TMZ also obtained the LLC filings (.PDF) for Washington Brave Hearts LLC. First impressions of this: What a potentially awesome move. Bravehearts is a sick name and -- unless I'm totally insensitive -- not offensive. It maintains much of the same sense of the name Redskins but gets rid of the whole pesky we're-offending-an-entire-culture thing.