With a dash of prescience, David penned an article last week in which he wondered if Marwin Gonzalez could be an effective starter at the Shortstop position for the Astros in 2013, in the event of a Jed Lowrie trade. He followed that up by banging out another few hundred words about Jake Elmore, trying to answer the same question. In a grand validation of David's nostradomic talent, the Astros traded Lowrie to the Oakland A's the night before the Elmore post was scheduled to publish. The Astros have a third shortstop on their 40 man roster besides Gonazlez and Elmore, and no, it is not Brett Wallace. On August 9, 2012, the St. Louis Cardinals traded Tyler Greene to the Astros for cash or a Player To Be Named Later. To date, no PTBNL has been N, so presumably Houston only parted with some cash in this transaction. A few weeks before the trade, John Sickels at Minor League Ball (gratuitous SB Nation plug) profiled Greene. He summarizes: Given the totality of his track record, Greene isn't a guy who is going to win batting titles, hit much above .240, or post a strong OBP on any consistent basis. However, Greene can still do a lot of things to help his team win, and it would not surprise me to see him have an "out of nowhere" season when everything clicks.