On Sunday afternoon’s Spring Training game broadcast against the Toronto Blue Jays, radio broadcasters Cory Provus and Dan “Dazzle Man” Gladden were talking about the Twins’ rotation and how it would shake out. One of them mentioned that the Twins will most likely start the season with a four-man starting rotation and the other chimed in and mentioned an interesting thought for a split second before moving on: a three-man rotation.

Of course, major-league teams go with a standard five-man rotation for their starting pitchers for a majority of their season. Some teams have run with a six-man rotation at times, especially with September call-ups. Most teams will go with a four-man rotation to start the season due to scheduled off-days after a team’s home opener (for all that snow that’ll fall, knowing how this winter has gone, amirite??) or travel days.

But considering that the Twins have five days off in their first 15 days of the season, could the Twins feasibly start the season off with a three-man rotation? Below is a table of the first 13 games the Twins play (off days included), which starter would start, and how many days of rest the starter would have before that day’s game. For simplicity, starters are numbered (Berrios has already been announced the Opening Day starter, but I like to KISS – keep it simple, stupid… not calling you stupid, either, that’s just the acronym). I’ve included two scenarios: starting the season with a three-man rotation and starting the season with a four-man rotation.