Kiley McDaniel of FOX Sports' has his most recent mock draft up that runs through the first 33 selections for the 2013 amateur entry draft. The Red Sox will pick seventh thanks to their abysmal 2012 campaign, and since they're currently in first place in the American League East, we can actually enjoy that as more than just a reward for being terrible. (Sorry, Astros, Cubs, etc.) McDaniel gives information on a few different players, but focuses mostly on Braden Shipley, a 21-year-old, 6-foot-2, 180 pound right-handed pitcher who has converted from the infield. He's "new" to pitching, but "flashes a plus fastball-changeup combo and the makings of an above average breaking ball." He's also the cousin of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jordan Shipley, so there are some athletes in the family. Something to remember about mock drafts: things don't necessarily turn out the way they're envisioned. McDaniel even says that a player Boston would like isn't available in his particular scenario, as he's already been taken off of the board -- Shipley is referred to as a "consolation prize." Christopher Crawford, a prospect analysis for ESPN, recently wrote about Shipley while discussing pitchers who have thrown too many pitches of late. Shipley tossed 130 pitches for the second time in three weeks -- one wonders if that's the sort of thing that could push a team away from Shipley and on to another prospect they like. There's a lot to like about Shipley, though, that might make him worth the risk so long as health issues don't come up between now and the draft. Baseball America thinks he's a lock for the first round and a potential top-10 pick, one that flashed 97 but sat in the mid-90s as a closer in the Alaska League last summer. That velocity sits about 93-96 even when starting, so he's got some serious heat on that fastball. That's not all he throws, though: