In an article from Pro Football Talk today, Darin Gantt reported that if Panthers owner Jerry Richardson were to be interested in selling the team he may already have a potential buyer lined up. The buyer is none other than Bruton Smith, the NASCAR magnate with ties to the Charlotte area. In a radio interview today, Smith said: "Do you think he’s interested in selling? ... I have not approached him. If the price is right, yeah, I’d be interested." And, in an apparent jab at Richardson, Smith said he: "would commit to the city, and I would not ask them for any money... So let's get this straight because it's important: Bruton Smith wants to buy the Panthers, and he would be such a good guy about it that he wouldn't ask the city for a single cent when doing it. Well, isn't that a nice gesture? I mean, he's always been such a great citizen who's always willing to keep local businesses strong by ensuring money constantly flows into the city of Charlotte and her surrounding areas.