In a dramatic and suspenseful article, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic (subscription required and recommended) chronicles the recent harrowing life-or-death race to get Astros first base coach Rich Dauer to Houston Methodist Hospital. On the day of the Astros’ championship parade, Dauer was present at the official ceremony to honor the team. He began to stagger as if drunk and stepped to the back of the stage. From there, a panicked attempt to get Dauer to the hospital amid a crowd of millions of people unfolded behind the scenes. The piece is incredibly well-written and thankfully has a happy ending. It’s definitely worth a full read. More from around MLB as we approach the end of December… Jon Meoli of the Baltimore Sun wonders if this offseason’s drama surrounding Orioles star Manny Machado could have been avoided. Meoli takes a look at the chances the Orioles had to explore trades or a contract extension with their prized third baseman, but he ultimately comes to the conclusion that there was never a reason to trade him until now.