It’s been no secret that New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony has asked for a second scoring option as the team prepares for the offseason. Could that scorer come in the form of Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans? Evans is a player that has been on the Knicks radar before as several reports noted that the Knicks had a deal in place for him this past season but didn’t pull the trigger due to not wanting to disrupt chemistry. Being that the Knicks will have little options in terms of improving via free agency and very little resources to do so via trade, a player like Evans may be the Knicks best chance to improve when it comes to scoring. Evans at 23 is younger than anyone on the Knicks roster not named Iman Shumpert and has a ton of talent. He averaged 15.2 points a season ago and boasts a career scoring average of 17.5 points to go along with 4.8 points and 4.8 rebounds. Despite his production, Evans seems to have fallen out of favor in Sacramento, which could make a deal a possibility.