The Colts currently don’t have many great players. One of them is receiver T.Y. Hilton. With the trade deadline only two days away, Hilton’s name has emerged in league circles as a guy who could be traded. So would it happen? As one league source with knowledge of the Hilton-Colts relationship suggested, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” But it’s believed that it will take plenty of fuel to make it burn. Every player has a price in trade, and if someone wants to pry him away and puts enough on the table, G.M. Chris Ballard (who neither drafted nor extended Hilton) could be willing to accept significant draft assets in exchange for Hilton. But how much would a team offer for a guy who would be hard pressed (as most skill-position players are) to step into a completely new environment and contribute right away? Then there’s the fact that Hilton, as one source explained it, doesn’t want to leave the Colts. While some may think that a trade could be sparked by Hilton’s recent criticism of the team’s offensive line, think of the message that would send to the locker room: If you complain publicly, you’ll get a one-way ticket to a new team.