It won’t be long now until Scott Hartnell gets back on the ice with the team he started his NHL career with. After being bought out in Columbus, Hartnell signed for one year in Nashville. For a tidy $1 million, too. It’s a nice deal for a proven player that still may have something to add to a team in its window to win. Yes, he is getting older, at 35 years of age. His production dropped quite a bit in 2016-17. But Hartnell is only one year removed from a 23-goal campaign and two years from scoring 28 goals in a season. He also recorded 34 of his 37 points this past season at five-on-five, despite being 22nd on the Blue Jackets at even strength ice time. The Blue Jackets might’ve reduced his role in his final year in Columbus, but it sounds like Nashville has bigger plans for Hartnell in the upcoming season.