Here are a few additional injury and personnel updates from Seattle coach Pete Carroll’s press conference on Monday following the team’s win over San Francisco the day before: — Carroll said there remains a chance that rookie running back Chris Carson, who remains the team’s leading rusher among tailbacks with 208 yards, will be able to return this season. Carson has been on Injured Reserve since the day after the Indianapolis game on Oct. 1 after having ankle surgery but would now be eligible to return if he can get healthy. “Chris could come back to action in essence starting to workout on the field and all of that in a week from now,” Carroll said. “He has made tremendous progress, we don’t want to rush him on anything or expectations-wise for you guys either, but he has had a great recovery, so we’ll see what happens. He’s running and changing direction and starting to do some more aggressive stuff this week, he has been running on the field and all of that, and he’ll be doing stuff. Each stage of it depends on how he responds to it, so it’s always after the work. This week will be really important; and we’ll have a lot of information going forward, and there’s a chance, so we’ll hold out hope for him. I know he’s dying to play and he’s done everything he could possibly do and he just handled the rehab up to this point well beyond expectations. We’ll see what that means.” Teams are allowed to bring two players a year off of IR as long as they have sat out eight weeks. Seattle has not used either of its early return designations this season and appears to be saving one for Carson in case he can make it back.