The San Diego Padres surprised folks by signing Eric Hosmer, who was arguably the top position player on the market. And now word is they have at least been talking internally about Jake Arrieta. It seems like a long shot. But could they make a play for Arrieta? There are probably several teams looking into Arrieta (as well as Alex Cobb and Lance Lynn) at this point. But it is believed that much of this interest could be filed under this title: bottom fishing. Padres sources suggest they are checking in with a number of star free agents remaining periodically in case there’s a deal that makes sense but ultimately expect to go with the young pitchers they currently have in camp. It isn’t known what the Padres may have suggested for Arrieta, if anything, but it’s possible they could be looking for a bargain; that can’t be a surprise at this juncture since several teams are surely wondering whether a great player could be had for something well beneath what he originally sought.