The NBA Draft is going to be one to watch for Minnesota Timberwolves fans everywhere. For the first time in what seems like forever, David Kahn will not be perched high above the Wolves draft podium preparing to drop a bird turd on whatever ends up being picked. Flip Saunders is the man in charge and he seems ready to lead the team in a new direction. But the question is who will the Timberwolves end up taking with the ninth overall pick in the draft? The consensus seems to be that they’ll attempt to move up in the draft but if they can’t get what they want they may end up trading back. Trevor Mbawke is a name that is circling around the T-Wolves draft talks as he’s one of a few names they called in for workouts this weekend. But while he’s far from a top prospect, Mbakwe is a name that could fit in Minnesota and he wouldn’t have to come very far to make Minnesota his professional home. Then again, the fact Mbakwe is just a stones throw away from the Target Center at the University of Minnesota is likely a major reason he was worked out, but there could be some scenarios where Mbakwe could end up with the Timberwolves and one of them involves the Wolves trading down.