Fred Wilpon called David Wright “our Jeter” three days ago. I think the Mets’ CEO is underselling his de facto captain’s upside. Ponder what Wright can be to Mets fans if he gets his World Series title over the next eight seasons. It could trump the Jeter-Yankees dynamic thanks to what Wright referred to as the “roller-coaster ride” he and Mets fans have experienced over their first nine seasons together. “Obviously, you’re frustrated as a player. I’m sure the fans are frustrated,” Wright told The Postyesterday morning at Tradition Field. “But ultimately, to kind of come back and build that up, to get to that point again, would be pretty special. “And that’s one of the big reasons why I wanted to end my career here, is that it wouldn’t be fulfilling to me to only have that one playoff appearance [in 2006], that little taste of success, and move on to a different chapter. I think that would eat at me. As I’ve said a million times, I don’t think it would be as special to me to win somewhere else.” Wright of course appreciated Wilpon’s praise, and he played the humility card in response. “I think that’s the ultimate compliment,” the third baseman said. “I think that it’s probably undeserved. I think that I’d like to have the type of career that [Jeter] has had. I’d like to carry myself the way he’s carried himselfA lot of the good things that he’s done. “Most importantly, I don’t have the rings that he has.”