Tony Sparano was once a head coach in the NFL a few years ago with the Dolphins. When he came on board, he took the 1-15 Dolphins and moved the hyphen to the right one number to make them an 11-5 club. He did it by baffling the rest of the NFL with the Wildcat. For those unfamiliar, the Wildcat uses either a mobile quarterback or a running back to take the snap and then runs a read option. The idea took the league by storm but once other teams adjusted to it, it faded away again. The NFL loves trends as every team looks for the latest new age trend. The new trend toward mobile QB's is one such trend. "You can see it happening right now," said Sparano in a press briefing on Wednesday. "Obviously what just happened in San Francisco, and out in Seattle and Carolina, a lot of those places, you're starting to find that more and more teams are getting into some of that stuff... I think these athletic quarterbacks that are coming out now, and what you're seeing coming out of some of these systems through college right now is starting to form kind of a new trend in the league.