There will be many reasons for Tim Lincecum to seek a fresh start in free agency. He won’t have to compare every start good or bad to his compiled history as a Giant good or bad. He won’t deal with the insanely high expectations. He can go home to Seattle or someplace else and while he’ll always be recognized on the street there’s a difference between celebrity and all-out rock star. But there are reasons to stay too. And one of them might be Buster Posey. Lincecum held the Rays to a run in seven innings of the Giants’ 2-1 10-inning loss at Tropicana Field Saturday night. It was his fourth quality start out of five. And afterward Lincecum reiterated what he’s been saying ever since his no-hitter in San Diego last month: He’s spending more time breaking down hitters pitching to the scouting reports and game planning with Posey. And as a result they’re on the same page. “That’s alleviating some stress” he said. “That gives me more of a mental edge than I’ve had in the past.” Lincecum is working quickly. He’s getting the sign and throwing. That’s what helps him get and stay in a good rhythm and not overthink on the mound. Even at the height of his powers he always stressed the importance of rhythm timing and confidence.