Kawhi Leonard has made the Rising Stars challenge once again, after participating last year. It's a well deserved honor for the hard-working San Diego State product. After this season Kawhi won't be eligible for the Rookies vs Sophomores game, so he will have to make the All-Star team if he wants to be part of the festivities. Let me just start by saying that I don't think All-Star appearances matter that much. I think that they are not usually indicative of a player's value and they mostly serve to get players overpaid. "But he was an All-Star!" people say when overvaluing guys like Mo Williams and Chris Kaman. That being said, it's got to be a thrill for young players to get that first All-Star nod, and while the Spurs will possibly have four representatives (#letBonnershoot!) at All-Star weekend this season, the franchise hasn't traditionally benefited from the type of publicity that having a strong participation in the exhibition provides. So it would probably benefit both Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs if he got to the All-Star game sooner rather than later. But how realistic is it to expect to see Kawhi get the nod next season?