Let’s get the easy part out of the way: Of course the Yankees should invite Joe Girardi to return as their manager. No sign exists that they won’t do just that. So the question gets flipped to one usually not contemplated in the sports world when it comes to managers and head coaches: Should Girardi agree to return after 10 years on the job? While stipulating it’s presumptuous if not downright arrogant to put oneself in another’s shoes — hey, it’s gotten me this far — it would seem one factor above all favors his return to the Yankees dugout. Time. Girardi, having just turned 53, should have time to pursue other interests down the road. And, in light of a thrilling season that just concluded with a seven-game American League Championship Series loss to the Astros, this sure looks the Yankees’ time to rise again. Could Girardi, at this juncture of his career, really pass up a chance to be part of something this special? In the minutes following the 2017 Yankees’ final game, he did not sound like such a person. He shared that he had just told his players “how proud I was of them. How this hurts.”