The above was a quote from HC Leslie Frazier when the Vikings drafted Christian Ponder in the first round of the 2011 draft. This was also a quote that bothered a lot of people- myself included. I mean, when he said it, basically I thought "so... we either have Matt Ryan, or we have our huge first round reach that will not turn out to be much?" (A side note- yes, Frazier was referencing Ponder's ability to start right away in 2011, which he did not do, and therefore he was just listing QBs who started as rookies. But I still didn't like the fact that he threw Flacco and Sanchez in by means of comparison at the time.) Well, the quote is still disturbing- if we got our Sanchez, then either we failed horribly, and Frazier has absolutely no clue what a real QB looks like. Granted, Sanchez was still the starter at that point, but it's not like people were high on him- already he was being considered one of the worst starters in the NFL. The thing was, Flacco was right there with him in that analysis. And now Flacco is a Super Bowl MVP, after having one of the- if in fact not the period- best post seasons a QB has ever had. Yes, better than Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, better than Joe Montana and John Elway. 11 TDs, 0 INTs, and absolutely clutch plays when it mattered the most. It was Flacco, not Ray Lewis, who spurred the Ravens from limping into the postseason into a dominant run to the Lombardi, taking out Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady (in a big way), and Colin Kaepernick in the process.