One of the biggest NBA storylines of the summer now may also be one of the most controversial. The league released a statement Sunday afternoon saying it is investigating the Lakers for claims of tampering while Paul George was with the Pacers, before he was dealt to the Thunder. The investigation is “at the request of the Indiana Pacers,” according to the statement. After George, the All-Star forward, told the Pacers in a “gut-punch” talk he would not re-sign next offseason, the Pacers focused their energy on finding a suitable trade partner, with many around the league believing he would be a one-year rental before moving onto the Lakers in free agency. George, who is from Southern California, has made his love for the Lakers known and in the past has been open about his friendships with and admiration for Lakers president Magic Johnson and retired Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. In return, Johnson has made it clear he would love for George to be a Laker, stating as much in an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and winking throughout to questions about George.