You’re Joe Girardi and you’re having one heck of a free-agent year. You’ve managed a franchise-record 55 players. You’ve handled the A-Rod circus with aplomb. And with 15 games left you’ve got your injury-depleted Yankees one game back in the race for the second wild card. You’re Joe Girardi and you can leverage this to the hilt. You want to stay with the Yankees you can stay with the Yankees. You want to go home to Chicago snap your fingers and the Cubs will jump. You want to manage a team with more immediate World Series aspirations well Davey Johnson is retiring and the Nationals’ job soon will be open. Other less desirable possibilities also might arise — maybe the Angels if they part with Mike Scioscia (beware meddling owner) maybe the Phillies if they back off Ryne Sandberg (beware another older roster). You’re Joe Girardi and all you would need to do is make yourself available. Then the fun would begin. The Yankees have yet to sign you to an extension; the Yankees hardly ever talk contract until after a season is over. You’re fine with that; you went through it in 2010 and wound up with a new three-year deal one worth $9 million according to a major league source. General manager Brian Cashman already is on record as saying the Yankees want you back. Yet as powerful as the Yankees are this decision is not theirs alone is it? No you’re Joe Girardi and the real question is this: How badly do you want to stay? Oh the Yankees treat you great. They are almost certain to offer you a hefty raise. You’re settled with your wife Kim and three children — Serena 14; Dante 11; and Lena 6 — in Purchase N.Y. You probably do not want to uproot the kids make them switch schools. Still this is a professional decision. You’re a baseball man and baseball men move around.