For all the money the Dodgers have spent, they still don't have a leadoff hitter. Why not Michael Bourn? You could come up with a few reasons why not, starting with the point that the Dodgers already have three outfielders they're committed to paying a combined $54.6 million in 2013. But sources familiar with the discussions say the Dodgers have at least talked about the idea of trading Andre Ethier and signing Bourn to replace him. Bourn would play center field, with Matt Kemp moving to right field. The Dodgers insisted earlier this week that they weren't shopping Ethier, but it's clear that they're a lot less enamored with him than they were when they signed him to that $85 million extension five months ago. His almost total lack of production against left-handers (.606 OPS against lefties ranked 213th in the majors) comes up regularly in conversations with Dodger people.