Midfielders. Even when you have a dozen of them, that somehow never seems to be enough. You can have a glut of defensive midfielders running rampant all over the pitch, erasing attacks and charging into tackles like a wild boar, but spend the entire transfer window scouring the planet for an attacking midfielder, someone to provide a spark alongside those behemoth holding midfielders. And other times, you have an army of attackers spraying passes all over the final third but lack a sufficient bulwark to protect the defense.

The trouble with this current iteration of Roma is that they don't really fall squarely into either one of those camps. Players like Lorenzo Pellegrini, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pedro are more than capable of jump starting and sustaining an attack week-in-week-out, but as we saw yesterday against Napoli, given the age of Mkhitaryan and Pedro, mounting fatigue can, has, and will be an issue going forward.

Similarly, with guys like Jordan Veretout, Bryan Cristante, Gonzalo Villar and Amadou Diawara capable of taking some of the pressure off Roma's backline, the Giallorossi seem safe in the back half of midfield. But, as we're all too well aware, these players have their own issues, ranging from passive play, indecisiveness, injuries and simple lack of experience. among other things.

What Roma's midfield needs is a player capable of seamlessly shifting between attacking and defending. And if you believe today's rumors, Paulo Fonseca and Tiago Pinto may have already identified this mysterious malleable midfielder.