Baker Mayfield a Patriot? Admit it, you want it to happen. Watching the Oklahoma quarterback, and Heisman Trophy winner, knife through the Georgia defense in the first half of Monday's Rose Bowl surely allowed some New England football fans to dream. The smile of Jimmy Garoppolo might be gone, but perhaps it could be replaced by the bravado of Mayfield. The Patriots need the next heir apparent to Tom Brady, and this is a guy who might be the right man at the right time. He wins. He has the arm. He has the mentality. He has the release. He has the athleticism. And, assuming Brady doesn't find that cliff some think is looming, he would be afforded the Garoppolo path when it comes to integration into the NFL. Dare to dream. If the Patriots actually do like Mayfield as much as those watching Monday night, their best hope may be something as simple as the quarterback being identified as 5-foot-11 at the NFL combine. They need teams to be scared away from the QB, and his height might be the best way to do that. In this day and age of the NFL, the likes of sub-6-foot quarterbacks such as Russell Wilson and Drew Brees -- even with all their successes -- are considered outliers. Yet, even if Mayfield is considered to be vertically challenged, it's going to be tough for Bill Belichick and Co. to get a shot at this guy.