The Philadelphia 76ers are going to look a lot different when the 2021-22 NBA season begins than they did at the end of the 2020-21 season when they were eliminated from the second round of the playoffs by the Atlanta Hawks.

That is because Ben Simmons is not going to be with the team. He has made it loud and clear that he does not intend to play with the team ever again. It is a relationship that is beyond repair. At this point, parting ways is best for everyone involved.

This will give the 76ers a chance to revamp the roster to better fit around Joel Embiid. Embiid is a superstar and the team can win with him as their best player, they just need to fit the pieces around him.

Trading Simmons will present that opportunity. Daryl Morey has been asking for the moon so far in trades and will have to lower his asking price for a deal to come together. However, there are plenty of teams with assets to offer in a deal.

A young All-Star caliber player is not an obscene asking price and what the 76ers should be targeting. The Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors, and Minnesota Timberwolves have been the most mentioned teams, but what about the Dallas Mavericks?

Could a trade between Dallas and Philadelphia involving Ben Simmons and Kristaps Porzingis actually be something both teams consider? Let’s take a look at how a deal would work from both teams’ perspectives.


How This NBA Trade Scenario Looks For Dallas Mavericks

This is a deal that the Dallas Mavericks would rush to call the league offices about before the Philadelphia 76ers changed their mind. To be able to turn Kristaps Porzingis, who was reportedly receiving minimal interest on the trade market, into a 25-year old with the potential as Ben Simmons is highway robbery.

There will undoubtedly be more included in the package, as draft picks would be going to Philadelphia at the very least. Philadelphia could also ask for Jalen Brunson to fill in their starting point guard role. But none of that should matter, as Dallas would love this deal.