Since the Philadelphia 76ers are entering “tank mode” next season there are thoughts that the team could look to move gurard Evan Turner. Turner, a former second overall pick has been quite underwhelming in his brief three year stint. He has averaged 10.1 points per game in his inconsistent career. He has certainty let the fans down, and failed to live up to his hype. However, he has teased Philly by showing flashes of a dominant scorer. Last season he went on a tear and had people really thinking that this was the Turner that we had all imagined. Eventually, his run came to an end and we saw the ordinary Turner. No doubt he has tons of upside and potential but could Sam Hinkie look to shed his salary in mist of an all out tank next season? The team is clearly looking to build for the future so why not just let Turner develop? Sure he hasn’t been as good as we had hoped but he is still only 24. Turner showed flashes of a great NBA player last season and showed that he can be a legitimate threat to score. The Sixers will be desperate for scoring, so moving Turner would leave them without anyone who can score the basketball easily. A major benefit to Evan Turner this year is the departure of Jrue Holiday. Turner now becomes the main ball handler and the first option to score from the backcourt. This could truly be a make or break year for Turner as the teams patience could soon run out.