Tom Coughlin has a suggestion to those who might wonder if, at 67, he might be getting too old to continue as head coach of the Giants, who are 2-6 at midseason: Why don’t you see if you can keep up with me? “You know, if you pin me down on it and I really knew that [questions about his age] was taking place, I probably would say, ‘Come on out here and get with me at five in the morning and see who works harder in the morning, see who’s able to go,’ ” Coughlin said Monday on WFAN. “‘I’ll challenge you’ kind of a thing. “People can say what they want to say. You’re in this because you love it. You’ve got a bunch of guys together with you that want to fight and want to battle. Has the game passed us by? I don’t think so.” **** General manager Jerry Reese offered no update on RB David Wilson, who has missed the past three games with a herniated disk in his neck, other than to say Williams will undergo more tests early next week. As for Wilson’s future, Reese said: “I’m not a doctor so I don’t want to stand up here and say something is career-threatening, but anytime you have a situation with your neck and your spine, those are some serious things that you need to take into consideration.” **** After six games, Eli Manning had an NFL-high 15 interceptions and he appeared shaken in his postgame press conference following the sixth loss, in Chicago. “I don’t see the word ‘shaken,’ I wouldn’t use that word,’’ quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan said. “Frustrated — I would have used that word, that he was frustrated with the performance. He sets a higher standard for himself and for us. So does everybody in this building.’’ **** DE Jason Pierre-Paul, coming off offseason back surgery, has only one sack and defensive line coach Robert Nunn admits: “He’s struggled a little bit, but he’s still playing solid against the run. He needs that one breakout play, or one breakout game to get him rolling.’’