To understand how long Andy Reid coached the Eagles, consider this: Last time the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins faced a different Eagles head coach, their head coaches were Jim Fassel, Chan Gailey and Norv Turner. Ancient history. Reid’s firing and Chip Kelly’s hiring have given a new look to the NFC East, and Giants coach Tom Coughlin and Cowboys coach Jason Garrett both had a lot to say at the Combine about the switch. “Andy is a good friend of mine,” said Coughlin, who enjoyed some of his biggest wins and most devastating losses against Reid-coached Eagles teams. “He went through a tremendous personal loss, very difficult season for him. Our hearts went out to Andy and his family, Tammy. He’s an excellent football coach. It’s very difficult to think that he was there for 14 years and probably won 70 percent of his games (actually 63 percent). I don’t know what the exact number is, but [he’s] just an outstanding football coach, outstanding person.” Coughlin and Reid were 9-9 against each other in the regular season since 2004, although Coughlin is 10-9 overall against Reid, thanks to a 2002 win with the Jaguars. The Giants beat the Eagles in the playoffs in 2000, but the Eagles beat the Giants in the postseason in both 2006 and 2008, the second one at the Meadowlands (and it happens to be the last playoff game the Eagles won). Since 2006, the Giants have either won the Super Bowl or lost to the Eagles every time they’ve reached the playoffs. “It’s an unusual thing to say, but to not have him in the division, I’ll miss him,” Coughlin said. “He’s on the Madden Committee and I’m on the Madden Committee, so we got the chance to spend some time together this week. It was good. I’m happy for him and his family. I’m sure he’s looking forward to his new adventure.