It's Joe Corvo's good fortune that after saying he wouldn't mind a trade, Tomas Kaberle was still available five days into the NHL's free-agent market, because the Carolina Hurricanes were able to sign Kaberle, offload Corvo for a fourth-round pick and make everyone happy. (Maybe. If Corvo was such good friends with Erik Cole that he didn't want to play here without him, he's now on his friend's biggest rival.) Despite the money and names involved, Tuesday was really a wash for the Hurricanes. It's an upgrade on the blueline, but not enough of one to get the Hurricanes in the playoffs by itself. Exit one offensive-minded defenseman whose defense was always a work in progress; enter an even more offensive-minded defenseman whose defense is slightly less of a work in progress; toss in a fourth-round pick. Corvo was capable of bursts of inspired defense -- his one-game lockdown on Alex Ovechkin one night comes to mind -- as well as lapses in his own zone. The same can be said, generally, of Kaberle, who offers more on the power play than Corvo did while being a little smoother under pressure.