Corey Hart has been a fast healer in the past, and the Milwaukee Brewers are hoping that pattern continues. Otherwise, it appears the first baseman will miss the first two months of the 2013 season. Hart had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Friday morning. Afterward, the club announced Hart was expected to be out for four months, which would take him into late May. "Pretty close to it," Brewers assistant general manager Gord Ash said. "For planning purposes, that's what we're going with." In the procedure, team physician William Raasch debrided the right knee joint surface and also repaired a small meniscus tear. The defect was found in the knee when Hart began experiencing swelling during recent off-season workouts. The surgery was delayed from its originally scheduled date of Tuesday while Hart received a second opinion from specialist Richard Steadman in Vail, Colo. "(Steadman) and Dr. Raasch conferred and in the end Corey and (agent) Jeff Berry were satisfied with our plan," Ash said. "Everything went smoothly. Dr. Raasch didn't find anything unexpected. He was pleased with how it went. "Now, the important component is the rehab period. Corey has proved in the past to be a good rehab patient."