Praise accompanies prospects. It must, otherwise their mere existence would be questioned. In some cases, it's faint, sounding like an emcee handing out participation ribbons and Capri-Suns at a youth sporting event. Other times, it creates pause. Outfielder Corey Dickerson arrived Friday after blistering the Pacific Coast League for Triple-A Colorado Springs, and Rockies manager Walt Weiss dropped this: "He reminds me of a young Michael Cuddyer." Translation: Dickerson plays the game with red-line velocity, with uncommon effort. He may not caffeinate the lineup, but his presence can't hurt for a team that is sleeping through this road trip. Dickerson, 24, was summoned for two reasons: The Rockies' bullpen has settled down, so an extra reliever is not needed. And, the Rockies need five outfielders, something that has shown for weeks. Dickerson will provide depth for a crew that's dealing with injuries. "In spring training I would compare myself to other players and I felt like I was getting close," said Dickerson, whose parents, Tim and Becky, made the trip to D.C. with a host of family members. "It's a dream come true to be up here." Unlike rookie third baseman Nolan Arenado, Dickerson won't be a starter regularly. The games in Boston next week present an opportunity for him to play in the field or DH. After that, he will be worked into the lineup periodically. Weiss believes Dickerson's compact swing and simple approach will lend itself to pinch-hit at-bats. Dickerson was a wrecking ball for the Sky Sox, posting multiple hits in 12 of his last 13 games. He hit .386 in Triple-A, and didn't get just get hot.