The art of goaltending is lost on the average fan — and even on the average player. The nuances of the position and the mechanics involved — reverse VH, T-push, cushioning, protecting the six-hole — are solely the purview of goalies and goalie coaches. To the untrained eye, a great goalie is one who makes spectacular stops, whether it’s Dominik Hasek flopping around in the crease, Jonathan Quick splayed out and striking like a cobra or Scott Darling using every inch of his 6-6 frame to go from post to post on a backdoor play. The Blackhawks’ Corey Crawford doesn’t do a lot of that highlight-reel stuff. And it’s what has made him one of the best goalies in the league. ‘‘He’s always square,’’ Hawks backup goalie Anton Forsberg said. ‘‘Most of the time, he doesn’t have to be making a lot of desperation saves because the puck just hits his body. Other guys might have a lot of unbelievable saves, but he doesn’t have to make those saves because he’s always in the right position. He just makes it look easy.’’