What’s going on at Coors Field?

Everyone knows that the home of the Rockies is the best hitter’s park in Major League Baseball. High elevation helps fly balls soar over the fence. Altitude also takes a bite out of breaking balls, making it easier for batters to make contact.

Since 2002, the Rockies have used a humidor to store baseballs, which helped make scoring less outrageous. It was still the best hitter’s park by a mile, but it wasn’t like playing baseball on the moon anymore.

Recent scoring explosions at the park have betting markets wondering if the humidor is on the fritz, or if something about warmer weather conditions are causing this season’s “aerodynamically friendly” baseballs to soar distances previously unimagined.

Through Wednesday’s series finale against the Astros, Rockies’ home games have gone 27-16 to the Over this season. But scoring has been closely correlated with the calendar.