Atlanta’s defense gave Jared Cook the star treatment last Sunday in the Georgia Dome. Then again after turning in a seven-catch 141-yard receiving day against Arizona that included two touchdowns Cook kind of expected it. “They did all they could to prevent me from having a repeat performance from Week 1” Cook said. “They had safety help over the top and they always had a linebacker sticking me.” Rams coach Jeff Fisher had a slightly different term for what the Falcons’ linebackers were doing to Cook. “They grabbed him a couple of times” Fisher said. Well more than a couple according to Cook. “We were looking for (flags) on a lot of ’em but if the ref doesn’t see it and the ref doesn’t call it what can you do?” Cook said. “Your words aren’t gonna get you anywhere so you might as well just play and keep playing hard.” Cook isn’t the type who’s going to react like an actor in a Greek tragedy every time he thinks a pass inference or defensive holding penalty should be called. “That’s what defensive players do” Cook said. “They hold. That’s part of the game so there’s no sense in complaining about it I feel like. You might as well just fight your butt off the whole game and fight through it.” You can only hope to get a call here and there and hope the officiating crews will see it when they review film of their performance. That’s basically how Cook views it. But just two weeks into his tenure with the Rams Cook realizes he’s not going to sneak up on opposing defenses. Week 1 as a Ram he sets a single-game franchise record for receiving yards by a tight end. Week 2 the opposing defense hunts him down like he’s on a most-wanted list. He ends up with only one catch for 10 yards despite being targeted six times by quarterback Sam Bradford.