Stephen Curry’s final line in Game 1 (44 points, 18-for-35 shooting, 11 assists) would seem to indicate a poor defensive effort by the Spurs. Make no mistake: At times, it was. But from the fourth quarter on, the Spurs generally kept him bottled up as they roared back from 16 down to force overtime before stealing away with the victory courtesy of Manu Ginobili’s last-second 3-pointer. Here’s the play-by-play of Curry’s performance down the stretch, during which he went 5 for 13 overall and 0 for 7 on his bread-and-butter jumpers. Fourth quarter * Driving layup, off screen — GOOD Cory Joseph overplays Curry just a tad to the left, giving him a crease to the rim. Drives past him and through Boris Diaw and Manu Ginobili for a difficult layup. Not great defense, but mainly excellent offense. Derek Fisher, for example, probably lays this into the bottom of the rim. * Pull-up jumper, isolation — MISS Curry and Leonard, one on one at the top of the key. Curry creates space with a clever little bump. But Leonard is strong enough to maintain position, and long enough to contest. Curry made these type of shots in the third quarter, but even a shooter like him isn’t going to consistently make with a hand in his face. * Floater, isolation — GOOD Leonard picks him up at halfcourt. Curry gets half a step and drives down the right wing. Leonard overplays Curry to force him baseline, but too much. Duncan is a half step too slow with help, and Curry coaxes the high-arcing floater home. Tony Parker thinks, ‘That’s my shot.’ * Driving layup, off screen — GOOD Poor defense all the way around. First, Curry blows past Leonard, who is again overplaying to force him baseline. Curry gladly takes advantage, this time from the left side, and makes another floater over the outstretched hands of Duncan. Maybe a healthy Duncan gets there in time. But another instance of great offense from Curry. * 3-pointer, isolation — MISS