Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan calls power forward Josh McRoberts a “connector” – as in a player who doesn’t do anything flashy but who moves the ball to the right players decisively all the time. That kind of player is extra valuable on a team as young and inexperienced as this one. McRoberts has started the last two exhibitions ahead of rookie lottery pick Cody Zeller. Whether McRoberts starts or comes off the bench the majority of the season he looks like an important part of the rotation after re-signing over the summer. “Yeah with a young team like this it probably does make a little more difference” McRoberts said of the veteran passer element to his game. “I’ve probably been too unselfish at times in my career but that’s the player I’ve become.” Coach Steve Clifford thinks players tend to establish a persona early in their careers as in if someone wasn’t much of a rebounder at 14 in AAU ball he’s not likely to ever be a superior rebounder at the NBA level. Clifford applies that trait to McRoberts – once a passer always a passer. “I bet he was that guy in high school” Clifford said. “It’s a valuable thing to have.” The “it” Clifford referred to is the quick decisions McRoberts makes with the ball rotating it from strong to weak side from the top of the key. Jordan said in an interview with the Observer this week that he’d like McRoberts’ style to rub off on Zeller because they have similar size and skill sets.