This coming Monday, a handful of NFL team facilities were supposed to open to players for the start of offseason workouts. Instead, the doors will remain closed for the foreseeable future, leading to increasing questions about the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on players' mental and physical health but also their wallets.

Unlike the last time there was no official offseason program -- the 2011 lockout -- players are stuck at home with nowhere to go. For the most part, they can't go to gyms or independent workout facilities to get the full work they need to begin preparing for an NFL season. There is a concern from teams, league executives and the NFLPA that the physical health of the players is set to suffer drastically in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, sources say teams have already had to turn away players who arrived at their facilities, either because they were unaware of the guidelines the league recently put in place or consciously disregarded the rules. Their routine has been disrupted, and many worry how players will be able to handle extended quarantines, particularly since the structured period of their offseason was supposed to start soon.

This week, the co-chairs of the NFL-NFLPA Joint Behavioral Health Committee sent an email to all active players with information on maintaining physical and mental health.