The questions ranged from zany to repetitive, and Zach Randolph was getting antsy. So once the crowd dwindled at his table at an All-Star Game media availability here Friday, he rose and shuffled to the door. That's when he was presented with a deeper question: What do you want your legacy in Memphis to be? He stopped, seemingly more occupied by the question than the nearby doors. "Man, just an honest guy," Randolph said. "A guy that came out and worked hard every night, and just did his job the best he could to the best of his ability." That Randolph is at a juncture to be asked about his legacy in Memphis is significant enough. Seems like not long ago that the Griz traded for him and folks wondered how he would be in the locker room, whether the troubles of his past would come to town — and whether he'd be a big-time big guy or a big-time bust. Sunday night, he'll play in his second All-Star Game representing the Grizzlies. His worth to the team is undebatable.