Jonathan Taylor is already starting to get a feel for just how much Tom Rathman hates fumbling.

Two months of watching film with the Indianapolis Colts running backs coach on Zoom have made it clear. Rathman will show a play on tape, run it over and over again, then stop and ask if the back had good ball security.

Taylor starts to answer, double-checks himself, then answers in the affirmative. From where he’s sitting, it looks like good ball security.

Only to find out it’s not good enough for Rathman.

“He’s saying, ‘Hey, I think he could have been able to have it in this position a little bit better,’” Taylor said. “Or even more, ‘See right there? You can eliminate that right there.’”

Taylor’s thankful.

This is exactly the kind of coaching he needed. Taylor, the Colts’ second-round pick out of Wisconsin, is a near-flawless prospect as a runner, a remarkable combination of 4.39-second speed and size at 226 pounds, and when the Badgers finally stopped resting him on third down and gave him a chance to prove his worth in the receiving game as a junior, Taylor proved he has the hands to contribute in the passing game.